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Cygnus the Swan is one of the easiest constellations to find. Its brightest star, Deneb, is one of the Summer Triangle, three bright stars lying to the south in Summer. The others are Vega in Lyra and Altair in Aquila. Cygnus lies in the plane of the Milky Way and is filled with countless stars. Albireo, at the Swan's head, is a double star with a colour difference easily seen in small telescopes. Cygnus is full of nebulosity - hot glowing gas - which is only really seen in photographs. NGC7000, visible in this image near Deneb, is the brightest. Some of the faintest makes up the Veil Nebula, a 50000 year old supernova remnant, but there is a lot more to be seen in this image. The flaw down one side of the image came courtesy of the processor, who was given strict instructions not to cut the film but cut it anyway. In an image with this much detail it was impossible to repair all the damage.