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NGC6992 is the brightest part of the Veil nebula or Cygnus Loop. Like the Crab Nebula M1, it is the remnant of a star which died in a supernova. Unlike the Crab, it too faint to really be seen visually, but is a popular subject for photography. It lies about 2500 light years away, much closer than M1, but the star that formed it is thought to have exploded some 30000 light years ago, and over that time the material ejected by the explosion has carried on expanding into space. In thousands of years time, perhaps this will be M1.

If you look at the two photographs you will see that they are different. Look top left of the image of the brighter part and centre right of the less bright image and you will see the same almost triangular pattern of stars. These are two adjoining images.