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Sagittarius contains a large number of lovely deep sky objects and is arguably the most interesting constellation. In Sagittarius we are looking towards the centre of our galaxy. Easily visible in the photograph are: M6 and M7 (actually in Scorpio) at bottom right. The bright red patch just above centre right is M8, the Lagoon Nebula, with above that M20, the Trifid, and the open cluster M21 looking like a single star. The smudge right of top is M24, while right at the top above it the red patch is M17, the Swan or Omega Nebula. Left of M24 below two stars is another open cluster M25. Above left of Lambda Sagittarius (the top of the 'teapot lid), the orange thing next to the tiny group of stars is the globular cluster M22. Above and right of Lambda, and closer to it than M22, what looks like a faint star to the left of an orange star is, in fact, M26. Bottom left, just in from the two stars at the left edge of the image, a faint yellow greeen blob is another globular, M55. M54 and M69 are also visible.